5 Events Perfect for Food Truck Catering

When you live in the sunshine state, many outdoor events take place, as expected in a state where nearly the entire year is filled with sunshine. Throughout Florida, people are hosting their own events and attending those thrown locally in the city. And, for many of these events, food truck catering in Florida provides a plethora of benefits for both the host and those in attendance. Although there’s many great events in which a food truck catering company can serve your needs perfectly, the five below are some of the best.

  1. Employee Events

Whether it is an Independence Day celebration or awarding employees with birthdays in the month these trucks help feed the crew. You can pick the foods to serve, and the trucks are available to help from a couple of people to hundreds.

  1. School Events

Schools will find that a food truck catering truck helps them earn extra money during functions. Food trucks sell a variety of foods, many of which are great for school carnivals, festivals, holiday events, etc.

  1. Birthday Parties

If you want to do something different at the party, why not have a food truck caterer on hand? You can pick and choose the menu, and getting everyone served Is so much easier!

  1. Weddings

Many people are using food catering trucks for their outdoor wedding receptions, and so should you. even beach weddings and receptions are well accommodated with food trucks and the delicious offering they bring to the crowd.

  1. Block Parties

Nothing is more exciting than a block party, except a party where there is cold drinks and food available. This is a great way to bring in some extra cash and keep the customers at your gathering much longer than they’d otherwise stay.